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Boutell Ltd ( is a financial broker with a strong commitment to excellent customer service. The Boutell brand is built around a consistent customer experience, which prioritises fairness, respect, and ethics. This Treating Customers Fairly policy aims to outline the “TCF” themes this company prioritises when making business decisions.

Within this document, the term “customers” will reference any party engaged in a service interaction with Boutell Ltd.

Boutell Ltd values customer satisfaction in all operations. We believe in giving our customers a consistently fair experience when they interact with our organisation, following the guidelines provided by the Financial Conduct Authority. The primary policies in this TCF document include:

  • Clients of Boutell Ltd should be confident in our ability to provide fair treatment.
  • Customers will always be able to make complaints when required.
  • All advice given will be relevant to the specific needs of the customer.
  • The services provided by Boutell Ltd are tuned to our client’s requirements.
  • Our services will always meet with standards of acceptability.
  • Customers of Boutell Ltd will always have access to clear information.

As a core component of the Boutell Ltd company culture, this TCF policy plays an important role in the training of our employees. We continue to build upon this policy based on the feedback that we receive from our customers, and the latest changes to fair treatment guidelines.

Components of Treating Customers Fairly

The fundamental policies in our TCF guidelines are:

  • We will always provide training on the core components of the TCF policy to our staff, so as to enable them to deliver a higher quality of service.
  • Grievances or complaints raised against Boutell Ltd will always be addressed with empathy, professionalism, and speed.
  • Customers of Boutell Ltd will be able to issue a complaint or make a change to their product or service without unnecessary difficulty.
  • We will commit to following the guidelines for the fair treatment of customers as they continue to adapt and evolve.
  • All information and advice supplied by Boutell Ltd will be given with the unique requirements of the individual client in mind.
  • Services and products provided by Boutell Ltd strive to meet customer needs.

This TCF policy may be updated and enhanced if new guidelines are published by the FCA or similar bodies about the fair treatment of customers in the financial industry.

Our Service

The service provided by Boutell Ltd is not a direct lending solution. As a brokerage company, we partner with approved lenders to help clients find the right short term loan. We aim to address the needs of any and all customers in search of financial support, including those without the best credit history.

When assisting our clients to find the right lending solution, we strive to provide all the information that our customers might need to make an informed decision. Our transparency and clarity is enhanced by a commitment to steer clear of hidden conditions and jargon. Boutell Ltd also stores records of our interactions with clients, so that we can provide context in the event of a dispute.

The Boutell Ltd team will always strive to ensure that our clients are aware of any risks associated with the service they receive from us. We are committed to providing risk information that is clear and accessible. If a potential conflict of interest arises, we will update our customers as soon as we are aware.

Our Approach

Our commitment to providing high-quality customer service is based around a strategy of ongoing improvement. We believe it is important to consider the individual needs of each client based on their situation and adjust our offerings accordingly. We are always open to feedback from our customers.

At Boutell Ltd, each member of the team will commit to delivering the best and fairest treatment possible to clients in all situations. Equality is an important consideration in our company culture. We embed the fairness policies that we outline here into the guidelines given to our staff members, to help them echo our sentiment.

All team members at Boutell Ltd receive training and guidance to assist them in the fair treatment of all customers. We also consider feedback from our staff on training measures.

If You Have a Complaint

Our approach to treating customers fairly also encompasses how we deal with complaints and grievances. All of our clients are free to complain when they have an issue with our service. Any complaints sent to Boutell Ltd will be treat with respect and professionalism. We will respond to your concerns as quickly as possible and elevate them to the correct senior management where necessary.

You can learn more about our response to complaints and how we deal with these issues in our Complaints Policy. Like our TCF policy, our complaints documentation follows the guidelines provided by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Senior management members of Boutell Ltd may address your complaints personally, and they will always consider the outcomes carefully. Investigating the complaint process, and any issues raised by customers will help us to make better decisions about the future of customer service within Boutell Ltd. We believe in continued betterment and growth to support our clients.

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