Complaints Policy


Boutell consistently strives to deliver the highest quality of care and support to our customers. However, if you feel unhappy with any aspect of the service you receive from us, you are free to send a complaint at your leisure. Please follow the complaints procedure outlined here to contact us about your grievance.

Remember, if you have a complaint related to your loan and the way your lender has treated you, you will need to issue the complaint with the lender directly.

Filing your complaint

Please send us a detailed insight into the cause of your complaint, along with the information that we can use to contact you about a possible solution to our team. You can contact our Compliance department at:, or contact us via telephone.

If you wish to issue your complaint in writing, please send it to the following address.

22 The Bramhall Centre

Our Response to Complaints

When we receive your complaint, we will always endeavour to resolve the problem as quickly as possible – often by the close of the next business day. If we are unable to respond this fast to your complaint, we will send you an acknowledgement of your complaint within 3 days, with details of who is handling the matter. We will provide a copy of our complaints procedure with this message.

In some cases, a complaint may require additional external or internal investigation, which means that a full resolution may take longer. If we need to investigate your complaint further, we will inform you of this as quickly as possible. We will also update you about our findings.

Complicated grievances may need further investigation, and we will do our best to keep you posted on the outcome of our research. Although we aim to resolve any complaint within a period of 8 weeks, we regret that some issues may take longer to address.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

If you’re displeased with the way that we respond to your complaint, then you may reach out to the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service). However, we hope that you will give us a chance to address the problem before you reach out. The FOS will only pursue a complaint when the consumer has given the company an opportunity to rectify the problem.

The website for the FOS is and you will need to contact them within 6 months of our final response if you have an issue. Please note that we are not responsible for your lender’s actions. We are only a brokerage service, and we do not make credit decisions, deal with collection activities or issue loans.

You may contact the FOS in writing to:

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

It is also possible to contact the Financial Ombudsman service over email at:

Or you can make a phone call to (freephone) 0800 0234 4567 or 0300 123 9123.

Dispute Resolution Options

If the options above are not suitable for you, then you may request a review of your complaint from the European Online Dispute Resolution system at Alternatively, you may reach out to our regulatory body, the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) at:

0800 111 6768 (freephone) or 0300 500 8082.

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